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Sewer Backup

When it comes to home disasters, sewer backups rank pretty high on the list. That is the case for this homeowner. A sewer backup resulted in a flooded basement ... READ MORE

Mold Resulting From Appliance Leaks

Three of the most common sources of water damage that we come across are pipe breaks, roof leaks, and water supply lines such as those connected to your washing... READ MORE

Mold Growth Resulting From Water Damage

It is not uncommon for homeowners in West Michigan to experience water damage at some point in their life. More than not, these leaks tend to be smaller and do ... READ MORE

Dog Urine

We all love our furry friends; however, sometimes they can make a mess. These messes can pose a bio-hazard risk. The before picture is carpet stained with dog u... READ MORE


Bio-hazard cleanups are nothing to take lightly. It poses a health risk for anybody who is exposed to it. In situations such as this, most traditional cleaning ... READ MORE

Appliance Leaks

When an appliance breaks, it can create a mess. That is the case for this West Michigan home. The washer sprung a leak and damaged the carpet in two rooms. What... READ MORE

Coffee & Carpet

You know what they always say, "Accidents Happen." Usually when a dark liquid is spilled on carpet, extraction is not easy, especially when that dark liquid is ... READ MORE

Roof Leak

A mild storm may seem harmless, until you find out you have a roof leak. That is the case for this home in Muskegon, Michigan. Roof leaks can go undetected for ... READ MORE

Post Construction Cleanup

When constructing or remodeling your home or business, the work getting done right won’t be your only concern. Construction is a messy job and tends to le... READ MORE

Mushroom: Natural vs Unnatural

When you see a mushroom growing in the woods, you don’t think anything of it. If it is a morchella mushroom, you may even feel a hint of joy or excitement... READ MORE