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Soot and Smoke Damage in Holland, MI Home

If you have a gas fireplace, make sure your damper is working properly. This homeowner in Holland was using their gas fireplace through the winter with a broke... READ MORE

Soot Covered Concrete Floor in Grand Haven, MI

This soot covered concrete floor in Grand Haven, MI was a result of a vehicle fire in a commercial garage. Our technicians mopped using Bright-N-Neutral Cleane... READ MORE

Soot Covered Ceiling in Spring Lake, MI

Beware of what you have stored around your water heater. This homeowner in Spring Lake, MI thought nothing of it when she had clothing on the floor in her laun... READ MORE

Soot Filled Garage in Spring Lake, MI

This detached garage in Spring Lake, MI filled with heavy black soot after a heater malfunctioned. This customer knew that it was too much for them to handle. ... READ MORE

Soot Stained Wall in West Michigan

Before using your fireplace make sure to check the flue damper or your walls could look like this cottage in West Michigan. The damper should always be fully o... READ MORE

Ceiling Collapse in Grand Haven, MI

You know SERVPRO of Holland/W. Ottawa County as a leader in Fire and Water Cleanup and Restoration, but our professional cleaning services can also make a ceili... READ MORE

Heavy Rain Floods School Basement

Throughout the month of May, Michigan experienced extremely heavy rains that resulted in water damage throughout the state. When it comes to flooding and a high... READ MORE

Vacuum Causes Soot Damage

There are many ways that your home can experience soot damage. However, most people wouldn't expect damage when an actual fire isn't present. This homeowner in ... READ MORE

Garage Fire in Zeeland, MI

A house fire can result in more extreme damage than just soot and smoke. This homeowner in Zeeland, MI was having a fire outside and happened to catch the exter... READ MORE

Basement Sewer Backup in Coopersville, MI

Sewer backups not only threaten the structure of your home, but raise health concerns as well. An older homeowner in Coopersville, MI experienced a sewer backup... READ MORE