Recent Biohazard Before & After Photos

Basement Sewer Backup in Coopersville, MI

Sewer backups not only threaten the structure of your home, but raise health concerns as well. An older homeowner in Coopersville, MI experienced a sewer backup... READ MORE

Raccoon Feces

Raccoons have a way of making quite the mess. This homeowner had an outbuilding used to house bird cages. When raccoons decided to take up residency in the loft... READ MORE

Cat Feces In Laundry Room

We all love our furry family members; however, they can make quite the mess if they are not properly maintained. While this West Michigan resident was absent fr... READ MORE

Sewer Line Break In Crawlspace

A sewer line break is never a good situation. The biohazard mess that comes with it can seem unbearable. This West Michigan family experienced a sewer line brea... READ MORE

Sewer Line Break

When a sewer line breaks, it usually makes a mess. When a sewer line breaks above all the storage in your basement, it usually makes a bigger mess. That is the ... READ MORE

Accidents Happen

It is not uncommon to become more of a fall risk as you get older. It is very important to do all that you can to install safety rails and other devices in your... READ MORE

Protecting Against Blood Transmitted Diseases

Whenever an accident results in the presence of blood, there are precautionary measures that need to be taken. That is why our technicians have the training and... READ MORE

Car Accident Cleanup

Car accidents happen; unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the operator of the vehicle to sustain an injury. Body shop and repair companies will often refuse t... READ MORE

Sewer Backup

When it comes to home disasters, sewer backups rank pretty high on the list. That is the case for this homeowner. A sewer backup resulted in a flooded basement ... READ MORE

Dog Urine on Upholstery

In Michigan when humidity levels start to rise, homeowners can tell when a pet has urinated in the house. Whether your pet urinates on the carpet or upholstery,... READ MORE

Raccoon Feces & Urine Damages Commercial Property

This business owner called SERVPRO of Holland/W. Ottawa Co. after discovering a raccoon family in the attic of his commercial property. After the family was rem... READ MORE

Sewer Backing Up into Unoccupied Property for 1-2 Weeks

This Unoccupied Property had a sewer that was backing up for a minimum of 1-2 weeks from a lower level toilet. This type of loss should be considered very dange... READ MORE

Pet vomit on carpet in Twin Lake, MI

The stain on this residential carpet was caused by dog vomit. Notice in the before picture, the stain was deep and dark in color almost similar to an ink stain.... READ MORE

Biohazard Clean up in Muskegon, MI

This Bio-hazard Clean up resulting from an accidental fall that occurred over a holiday weekend in Muskegon County. The Landlord for this rental property called... READ MORE